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November 1, 2013   Debby   Interviews , The Mentalist , TV   Leave a Comment

Below you’ll find an interview for Irish Independent about the soon to come Red John reveal.

The Mentalist’s Robin Tunney has revealed she was “surprised” when she found out the true identity of Red John.

The unveiling of the serial killer – the nemesis of mentalist Patrick Jane (played by Simon Baker) – is set to be revealed in the upcoming sixth season of the US show.

“I was surprised, and had I been Red John, I would have been equally surprised,” she said.

Robin, who plays Senior Special Agent Teresa Lisbon on the show, admitted she was kept in the dark until the episode.

“I did not know at the beginning of the season. We’re a bit ahead of you as far as filming goes, and yes, the audience will find out who Red John is,” she continued, adding: “It’s been exhausting. That’s all I’ll say.”

The 41-year-old laughed off rumours that her character is the cold-blooded murderer.

“Some days when you’re bored and you want to feel badly about the show, you read things about yourself on the internet. It never ends well, like a Shakespearean lesson,” she said.

“I was reading on one of the sites that ‘Maybe Lisbon is Red John’, and someone else said: ‘Don’t be ridiculous. There’s no way that Lisbon is Red John’. And I’m like: ‘Wait a minute!’ I took umbrage at the idea that it was a sexist thing – a woman can be a serial killer.”

With the big reveal happening, Robin admitted she has signed up for one more series, saying: “We don’t know; there’s been a really interesting evolution. Simon and I are both signed up for seven years so we have one more year on our contracts.”

November 1, 2012   Debby   Interviews , News , The Mentalist , TV   Leave a Comment

The Mentalist‘s” 100th episode has aired and the team that makes the popular Simon Baker drama has made it clear that this season, they’re going to get closer to solving the central mystery of Red John – the serial killer that took the lives of Simon’s character’s wife and child. Does all that indicate that Simon and series creator Bruno Heller are envisioning an ending for the series?

Not according to leading lady Robin Tunney.

“I think it’s a creative conversation,” she says, speaking of the show in general and the Red John storyline in particular. “I feel like they’ll go along as long as the audience wants to, as long as they keep it interesting and not too frustrating. Historically, with television, people will get on the bandwagon with something and then it’s very clear when they’ve given up,” she continues. “Everybody wanted to know who killed Laura Palmer in ‘Twin Peaks’ – but it went to a certain point and then everyone turned on (creator) David Lynch. I think there’s a certain point where you resolve something when the audience needs it.”

According to Robin, Heller and the other writer-producers “read everything that’s written about the show, I think. Bruno actually reads letters that people send in. I think they are genuinely curious. Both Bruno and Simon are really into what the fans think and sort of servicing them.”

Read More

October 14, 2012   Debby   Events , Interviews , Media   Leave a Comment

During the CBS’s “The Mentalist” 100th Episode Celebration on October 13, 2012 in Los Angeles, the cast and crew answered some questions about the 100th episode of TV series “The Mentalist“. I posted the video below! Check them out!

September 29, 2012   Debby   Interviews , Spoiler , The Mentalist , TV   Leave a Comment

The Mentalist” will be kicking off its fifth season with new episodes Sunday, Sept. 30 at 10:00 p.m., but that’s not all that’s new. It’s a new night for the series, which will be up against stiff competition from NBC’s Sunday night football and ABC’s “666 Park Avenue.” Star Robin Tunney isn’t scared of no programming changes… oh, wait, maybe she is. I spoke to the actress at the TCA press tour and she discussed how she really feels about the new night, what she sees happening this season, and her feelings about Jane and Lisbon opening “the locked box.”

So, a new night for “The Mentalist”?
The interesting thing is we’re moving to Sunday night, which is scary. We’re on after “The Good Wife,” so we have to be even better because that show is so good. The actors are all so good on it.

Still, you guys are well-established. It can’t be too scary, can it?
I think any sort of change, you’re always like, oh, what’s gonna happen? It’s scary, but it’s exciting at the same time. I think the next season is going to be a great one. We’re getting more focused on Red John. It’s ramping up, and I think we’re gonna have more arc episodes that aren’t stand-alones. There’s always a crime.

It seems like this season is set up to go very dark.
Yes, it does, and Simon’s character gets very dark. I think it’s a testament to the network and the studio that they let that happen, because he’s such an intrinsically lovable guy and such a commercial persona. I think it’s going to keep going.

If Patrick Jane is getting dark, what does that mean for your Senior Special Agent Teresa Lisbon?
My character’s been getting angrier at all the stuff that’s going on, second-guessing him. It’s always fun to have change, not that doing the same thing for five years isn’t fun. But I don’t think Bruno Heller is afraid to mix things up and I think so often people just do what’s safe. And Simon Baker is so intrinsically charming and winning, you can have him smiling and being adorable, but at the same time having these revenge plots makes it surprising and different.

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I added 3 LQ pictures of Robin behind the scenes of the ‘The Mentalist‘ Press Preview in Tokyo, Japan to the photo gallery. An interview has also been posted, but unfortunately it’s in Japanese. You can find the interview here. I’ll see if I can find a translator to post the interview.

Gallery link:
Public Appearances > 2012 > May 21 – ‘The Mentalist’ Press Preview In Tokyo, Japan

March 31, 2012   Debby   Interviews , Media , Movies , See Girl Run   Leave a Comment

DailyActor got a chance to interview Robin and director Nate Meyer at SXSW about the movie, how she wanted to tackle another character and what difference was between preparing for the movie and “The Mentalist”. You may also listen to the interview here or download it here.

When did you start to write the film?

Nate Meyer: I actually wrote it four years ago, and at the time had been working on another film that I had written that was in development and trying to get that going. But this one just sprang out and ultimately I put the other one aside because I really wanted to tell the story.

The first person to come on ended up being the executive producer was David Gordon Greene. Of course it’s such a strong lead female role and we were talking about various actors and he knew Robin and suggested her. Of course, I’d seen her in stuff for many years. She was the only person we talked to.

I had a long conversation with her and we realized were like minded to a large degree in the kinds of films we loved and why we do this. I sent her the script to my first film and her response to the script was all the thoughts that I had as I had been sharing it with others, with David and some other people that I had told the movie to. She just totally got it. And then we ran and that was it. Then it was just a matter of trying to get the money and make the schedule.

Robin Tunney: Trying to get the money. Everybody here has probably told you about getting the money. I work a long time during the year, and so being able to have everything sort of come together. It’s funny because movies have changed so much. It’s sad in a way, like they don’t make as many movies as they used to.

Good movies, yeah.

Robin Tunney: Bad movies too. There is less of them, so by percentage less of them are going to be good. I think that the Lex, the camera we shot the film on is going to really change movies though, because you don’t need as much money as you once needed. You know, you don’t want a film to be distractingly bad looking, it brings you out. I think there are certain movies you can tell the story on video if it’s like driven by video, like if it’s for a purpose. Do you know what I mean? Generally you don’t want that person to notice how something looks. You just want them to have feelings. This camera has sort of allowed smaller movies to look big and people don’t need the same amount of money that they once needed to sort of tell a story. I hope it will open the gates and more movies will be made that are small.

Read more!

March 20, 2012   Debby   Interviews   Leave a Comment

Robin was interviewed by Independent.ie!

In the roll-call of Irish-American screen-stars, Robin Tunney always seems to get overlooked. Which is strange, because the Chicago native has spent the past two decades making major movies, earning critical plaudits and starring in some of the biggest TV shows.

You mightn’t recognize the name immediately but almost certainly know the actress: she’s played opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ben Affleck, appeared in a bunch of cult 1990s films and spent two seasons trying to bust the boys from jail in “Prison Break“. And for the last three-and-a-half years Ms Tunney has played Agent Teresa Lisbon in the smash-hit drama “The Mentalist“, currently airing on RTÉ1.

The woman is a star – and one of our own. She’s also smart, thoughtful and drolly funny in conversation. On the phone from LA, Tunney explains her connection to Ireland:

“I had quite an ‘Irish’ upbringing – a lot of my parents’ identity is wrapped up in it. My father was born in Straide, Co Mayo. My mother is first generation – both her parents were from Clare Island. My other grandmother lived in Galway until she died, about 12 years ago.”

Read the entire interview here!

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