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I uploaded 27 pictures behind the scenes of “The Mentalist” 5×05 “Cherry Picked” episode. They show Robin and Simon chatting and walking around, Robin taking on/off heeled shoes and Robin and Simon getting their make-up on. Check them out!

On Sunday, September 30, the fifth seaso of “The Mentalist” finally premiered with it’s first episode 5×01 “The Crimson Ticket”. I managed to upload 174 HD screen captures of Robin, our lovely Lisbon. In this episode Patrick Jane interrogates Lorelei in an attempt to figure out her connection to Red John. The CBI is forced to partner up with the FBI to solve the murder of a hotel employee. Feel free to check the images out!

Since this website got hacked I lost many information and pictures, I had to re-upload the promotional images from the upcoming “The Mentalist” 5×01 “Devil’s Cherry” and 5×03 “Not One Red Cent” episodes. The second episode will be about an investigation of the murder of a diamond cutter and Jane meeting a girl who claims to be his late daughter Charlotte. While the third episode deals with a bank employee who is murdered during a heist and Jane and the team must work to track down the killer, while Lisbon is pulled deeper into the CBI/FBI rivalry. I also posted the promotional video for 5×02. Spoiler alert!

September 29, 2012   Debby   Interviews , Spoiler , The Mentalist , TV   Leave a Comment

The Mentalist” will be kicking off its fifth season with new episodes Sunday, Sept. 30 at 10:00 p.m., but that’s not all that’s new. It’s a new night for the series, which will be up against stiff competition from NBC’s Sunday night football and ABC’s “666 Park Avenue.” Star Robin Tunney isn’t scared of no programming changes… oh, wait, maybe she is. I spoke to the actress at the TCA press tour and she discussed how she really feels about the new night, what she sees happening this season, and her feelings about Jane and Lisbon opening “the locked box.”

So, a new night for “The Mentalist”?
The interesting thing is we’re moving to Sunday night, which is scary. We’re on after “The Good Wife,” so we have to be even better because that show is so good. The actors are all so good on it.

Still, you guys are well-established. It can’t be too scary, can it?
I think any sort of change, you’re always like, oh, what’s gonna happen? It’s scary, but it’s exciting at the same time. I think the next season is going to be a great one. We’re getting more focused on Red John. It’s ramping up, and I think we’re gonna have more arc episodes that aren’t stand-alones. There’s always a crime.

It seems like this season is set up to go very dark.
Yes, it does, and Simon’s character gets very dark. I think it’s a testament to the network and the studio that they let that happen, because he’s such an intrinsically lovable guy and such a commercial persona. I think it’s going to keep going.

If Patrick Jane is getting dark, what does that mean for your Senior Special Agent Teresa Lisbon?
My character’s been getting angrier at all the stuff that’s going on, second-guessing him. It’s always fun to have change, not that doing the same thing for five years isn’t fun. But I don’t think Bruno Heller is afraid to mix things up and I think so often people just do what’s safe. And Simon Baker is so intrinsically charming and winning, you can have him smiling and being adorable, but at the same time having these revenge plots makes it surprising and different.

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September 29, 2012   Debby   Site Updates   Leave a Comment

As you might have seen, our website Robin Tunney Online got hacked a few days ago. Unfortunately we could have the site restored, but lost a lot of news and information. We also lost many pictures that have been uploaded to the photo gallery and both layouts. I had to design a temporary layout and I’m going to try to upload all images that we lost. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience and confusing!

June 7, 2012   Debby   Gallery Update   Leave a Comment

I added 18 drawings and paintings of Robin to the photo gallery. I think every single one is excellent. It’s pretty hard to draw a portrait of someone, I’ve already tried that once in a while. Some of them are actually pretty good and professional, I’m impressed. Feel free to check them out. You can also rate them if you want to! If you’d like to send in a drawing or any other fan art, do not hesitate to send me an e-mail.

June 4, 2012   Debby   Events , Gallery Update , News   Leave a Comment

You can find another interview of Robin during the ‘The Mentalist’ Press Preview in Tokyo, Japan last month. Unforunately it’s in Japanese, but I’ll try to find a translator to translate this one into English. You can find the interview here I also added 5 more pictures of the press preview to the gallery. I’m in love with the fourth one. Robin’s just amazing! Thanks to Red Blog for the heads up!

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