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May 21, 2012   Debby   Events , Gallery Update   (1) Comment

Today, May 21, Robin attended the ‘The Mentalist‘ Press Preview in Tokyo, Japan to promote the third season of CBS TV Show The Mentalist. I added 16 MQ pictures to the gallery. I’ll replace them with HQ ones as soon as possible.

Gallery link:
Public Appearances > 2012 > May 21 – ‘The Mentalist’ Press Preview In Tokyo, Japan

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Which CBS shows are hits and which ones are in danger of being cancelled? The answer might surprise you. By looking at the chart below, you can see their current season ranking, ratings averages to date, and their grade in the all-important 18-49 demographic.

These charts incorporate final ratings data through Thursday, May 17, 2012.

Rank CBS TV Show Grade Rating (actual) Viewers In Millions
1 The Big Bang Theory A++ 5.0 (4.97) 14.88
2 Two And A Half Men A++ 5.0 (4.96) 14.62
3 2 Broke Girls A+ 4.3 (4.25) 11.29
4 How I Met Your Mother A+ 4.1 (4.06) 9.66
5 NCIS A- 3.8 (3.75) 19.22
14 The Mentalist C 2.6 (2.61) 13.12
15 Unforgettable C- 2.3 (2.26) 11.30

Today I uploaded 171 HQ screen captures of the “The Mentalist” 1×10 “Red Brick And Ivy” episode. Hopefully I’ll manage to upload screen captures of the 1×11 episode tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Gallery link:
Television Work > The Mentalist > Season One > 1×10 – “Red Brick And Ivy” > Screen Captures

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Popstar.com published an episode review for the “The Mentalist” season four finale, 4×24 “The Crimson Hat”. To all Jisbon/Jello fans out there, the author appears to be a huge Jisbon fan either, so it’s definitely worth reading it.

To say that things have been going down-hill for Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) is probably the understatement of the season. And while Red John saturated episode are usually the more intriguing ones of the season, this one didn’t deliver anything new. Well, Jane does get to finally have a sex life, so I guess that’s new. But everything else went so predictably, I’m starting to pray they wrap up the Rd John story line very soon.

This show doesn’t do time jumps often, but it has apparently been 6 months since Jane got fired from the CBI. Now he’s had 6 months to drink, con and basically go back to his Lord of Lies ways. Lisbon (Robin Tunney) and the others haven’t seen nor heard from him, but apparently they also can’t solve too many cases without him either.

The murder of some poor schmuck with no face is hardly relevant to the plot, other than we get to see Lisbon employ a Jane technique to aid a witness’s memory, but at least he’ll be useful later. And it’s nice to see that Lisbon is consumed with worrying for Jane, although we’d expect nothing less.

Jane, meanwhile, has been slumming around Vegas, conning rich guys with his “speak to the dead” act and it comes back to punch him in the face later. Even though we know this is all a ruse because Jane never changes so you have to know that this is all part of his evil plan to lure Red John out) it’s nice to see some consequences come back and hit Jane in the face.

And hey, he manages to get the attention of a busty, cute waitress named Lorelei (Emmanuella Chriqui) who takes an interest in his man!pain and wants to help. And she does help. She helps Jane’s sex life. I don’t know whether to grin or be a little creeped out seeing Jane in post-coital bliss with someone, but at least it’s new. It’s something different from Jane’s character.

Predictably, the bliss doesn’t last because Lorelei is a Red John minion. He wants to welcome little lost sheep, Jane, into The Fold of friendship. And we have to give Jane props for taking the long-con to this extreme to draw Red John out. And of course, he finally lets Lisbon in on the gag. I will say, one of the high points of this episode was the scene in che church. I very much like seeing bits of Lisbon’s character reflected through her faith. And Lisbon calling Jane a “son of a bitch” in a church was very amusing.

I was also happy to see that Red John finally wants Lisbon’s head on a platter. For several seasons now, I’ve been wondering when the Dark Lord would decide to go after the person who arguably means the most to Jane. Now he wants Jane to bring him a piece of Lisbon as a present.

And the drama of that would have been so cool, if the execution of getting the rest of the team involved wasn’t so predictable. Faking Rigsby’s (Owain Yeoman) death was almost funny. Who doesn’t notice that the body is five inches shorter than Rigsby? At least Agent Darcy (Catherine Dent) is paying attention.

If you were expecting any further information on Red John or even, perhaps, a glimpse of the Dark Lord himself, you are in for a disappointment. Because we may never see him. Jane may never catch him. He will forever be hidden behind endless minions.

But the best scene, I’m sorry to say, was the reveal that Agent Wainwright was dead in the back seat of the limo, strapped to a phone through which Red John spoke. Seriously, the CBI has worse luck keeping a SAC agent in charge than Hogwarts’ Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher! It’s a cursed position, and it’s almost getting hilarious.

The sad thing is, I don’t expect anything different next season. Lorelei probably won’t live long. Jane won’t have any measurable change. Lisbon will still be making excuses for him, and Red John will never be resolved. It would have been neat if Jane actually went off his rocker. But they’ve made it so you can pretty much always believe that Jane’s got a plan and little is a surprise.

One bright spot: Jane telLing Lisbon “love you” just before the fake shooting and Lisbon trying to ask about it later. Jane deflected, but Lisbon seemed rattled. Can we please have some confirmation that he does, in fact, care? You can do that without making it a romance show.

All in all, a predictably finale with a few interesting points. Jane’s no closer to redemption than he was 2 seasons ago, and the Red John arc is getting tiresome. Will the show surprise me next season? One can only hope.

I managed to upload 186 HD screen captures of last night’s “The Mentalist” season 4 finale, the 4×24 “The Crimson Hat” episode. The season finale was BRILLIANT, can’t put it into words. Bruno Heller and the writers always manage to create the best finales. I can’t wait for the fifth season!

Gallery link:
Television Work > The Mentalist > Season Four > 4×24 – “The Crimson Hat” > Screen Captures

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The Mentalist” creator Bruno Heller was interviewed by Entertainment Weekly about the season 4 finale and the upcoming season 5. (You’ll find the interview in the previous post!) When talking about the identity of serial killer Red John, Bruno Heller gave us some hints, plus he said,

Red John ultimately is just a man — whenever you see the great criminals reduced to the flesh it’s sort of disappointing. I have two seasons or so to make it come true. I can guarantee that people will be disappointed.

What does he exactly mean by, “I have two seasons or so to make it come true?” Does he already know that after season 5 there’ll be only one season following? Or did he just say that without really meaning it?! How often do people say something without thinking about it?! Hopefully we can await and look forward to more than just two following seasons of The Mentalist.

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Get that limo! Get that limo! But that dastardly Red John outsmarted Patrick Jane again in the season 4 finale, having used a decoy to fool the CBI team. Worry not: EW.com has an interview with “The Mentalist” creator Bruno Heller, who wrote tonight’s episode, answering burning questions about the finale, sharing thoughts about Red John’s identity, and giving hints as to what fans can expect next season and beyond.

You got to jailbreak Patrick Jane from the constraints of the CBI. Bet you had fun writing this one.
It was a laugh. These last few episodes of the season are always a challenge and a laugh because you get to break out of that CBI prison.

I particularly liked the first scene at the bar, I thought that was very well done.
That’s the other thing. Simon [Baker] takes such joy in being able to stretch that character, to take it to the edge of the character. It’s great fun for the actors as well.

Red John’s accomplices don’t tend to survive long in custody. Geiven the ending, are we to expect this one (played by Emmanuelle Chriqui) to stick around?
They’re like Spinal Tap drummers, aren’t they? Yes, I hope so.

In the first season I thought Red John was just a serial killer. But he’s evolved to be more of a Moriarty-type villain with this web of other people under him and lots of money. Can you give me your sense of how you see the character?
The character is consistent in the sense that he has grown with time. He’s a bit like anyone who’s very successful at what they do, this superstructure grows up around you. Over time, he’s evolved as you say, from a serial killer to something more than that. I hate to use this analogy, and it may be an inaccurate one, but it’s like an actor. You start out by saying lines, then as you move up the ladder you start to think you’re more than a simple human being. Power attracts power and this is how great criminal psychopaths get power.

There’s this smart line near the start of the third act of Seven, where the audience is warned that when we meet the film’s serial killer, there’s no way he’s going to live up to our expectations. He’s just a man. Has that concerned you, building up the villain for so long that it can’t top expectations?
Sure, if season 5 we just opened a door and said “tah-dah!” and it was some mid-range actor, that would be disappointing. The trick is going to be — and this is coming — bringing the audience along and making them second guess themselves and ask, “Is that him? Is that him?” Red John ultimately is just a man — whenever you see the great criminals reduced to the flesh it’s sort of disappointing. I have two seasons or so to make it come true. I can guarantee that people will be disappointed.

Will you cast Red John next season?
Will I cast him? He might already have been cast. You might already have seen him.

So chances are when Red John is revealed, it will be somebody we already know rather than a “tah-dah” walking-out-of-the-fog moment.
Yes, it would be very disappointing if we did that and it was Nigel Lythgoe or something. I suppose if we could get Elvis Presley to come back we’d do it that way.

I thought Bradley Whitford did a good job as a faux Red John in last year’s finale.
He had a lot of fun doing it. It’s not quite sacrilegious, but verging on it, pretending to be Red John. I think we got away with it, the audience came with us on that one.

What else can we expect next season?
As you see at the end of last episode, it’s not that Jane is No More Mr. Nice Guy, but we’re certainly going to see a little more of that hard darker side of him. That’s one of Simon Baker’s great assets as an actor, he can play both charming and dark at the same time. The show is not going to turn into a much darker show, but that character will show more of those colors. We’re getting closer to the meat of what the show is about.

There’s a Sherlock Holmes show this fall, a character that inspired The Mentalist. Fox has a new show called The Following about a serial killer who creates a cult of serial killers. Were you like, “Hey, there’s already a show about all this!”
There’s room for any number of shows along these lines because it’s a universally beloved genre. I hear the Sherlock Holmes show [CBS’ Elementary] is very good and I look forward to seeing it.

CSI: Miami was canceled after a decade on the air without the producers having time to write a series finale. Have you been reassured by CBS that you’ll get to have a final-season arc?
There’s no assurances in this business. ItÄs the job of myself and everybody else on this show to keep it working as well as it does to ensure we get that final arc. A show that’s been running this long with the degree of success it’s had, we’ll know well in advance of that sort of outcome and we’ll adjust accordingly. I’m not concerned about that.

Assuming you’re fortunate enough to get a “final season” heads-up, have you considered throwing out the crime-of-the-week format and turning your show into a serialized drama about Jane chasing Red John?
It’s a good question. Most writers would rather write serialized drama because it allows you to explore [the characters] in depth. If it seemed that’s what the audience wanted, we’d consider going there. But I think the audience so far is coming to us because it’s a procedural detective show and I’d be loath to break faith with that deal. I think you can have your cake and eat it, and we have.

Any thoughts about moving to Sunday nights in the fall?
I’ve always left that side of things to the experts who know what they’re doing. And more to the point, if I thought making a fuss would make any difference then I would feel differently. But there’s aspects of this job you don’t have control over. Our audience will follow us and hopefully we’ll also find a different audience than we found on Thursday nights.

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